Customer Reviews

I have purchased economy pads from many companies but your pads are definitely the highest quality. Delivery was free and the case was neatly packed.
Dallas, TX

I have been using WeeWeePads for years and decided to try the Premium Scented PooPeePad. Not only was the pad larger and thicker but it was almost half the price I was paying. Needless to say I switched. Good job guys.
Paul R
Tulsa, OK

I am always skeptical when similar products are very different in price. I tried your deluxe pads for my dogs. I was pleasantly surprised that the quality was superior and the pad was actually thicker and I saved 5 dollars a case and free freight.
Barbara G

The PooPeePad actually was a great success in our house of 3 yorkies. The scent really attracted the dogs to the pads and it was half the price of the WeeWee Pads.
Joel F
Boston, MA

We have 5 dogs and we are not home during the day. Needless to say we go through a lot of pads. Your economy pads saved us over 50 dollars a month. Thanks
Katie K
Atlanta, GA

Our kennel has an average of 30 cages in use weekly. We needed to buy in bulk and you guys gave us not only the best prices but the highest quality and free delivery. Keep up the good service.
Jan G
Baltimore, MD

We have three toy dogs and recently purchased your Super Quilted pads. They are the same size as the pads I've been buying for years; however, your Super Quilted pad is twice as good and half the cost. Four Super Quilted pads do the job better than the six same-sized national pet chain pads that I used before. Thank you for selling this quality product at such a reasonable price - and your free delivery is an added bonus. I saved time and money.
Elaine P
Aurora, CO

I wanted to wrote a testimonial since I have been using your product now for over a year and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I was definitely skeptical the first few orders and it took me a few times to figure out the right size for my pups, but your staff has been very helpful and always willing to return my product at no cost to me. I used the 23x24 pad for two small 20 & 12 pound dogs but I felt a little better using the 23x36 so they have a little more room to so their business a few more times without a mess and it works perfectly. It's superior quality and doesn't link and I grateful for that. Thank you for making my life a little easier.
Kimberly W

Thanks for the sample, I can't say enough about it, its a perfect size and I'm a disabled 62 year old woman on a fixed income. Having 2 little dogs, that are about 3 years old I thought I was done after having 7 dogs thru my lifetime and raising them all until old age. (I was very lucky). Starting again means second floor living as my daughter and her husband have a 6 year old with cerebral palsy and therefore I am up in the small 2nd fl apt. so my dogs don't have to go out. I love the fact that with your prices I can change the pads more often and keep the kitchen smelling like it should. By the way I ordered 3-150 paks. Now, my only issue will be storage for them. I will be passing your site on to others with a need for pads, this price and quality make my life much more manageable.
Barbara C

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